Monday, April 30, 2007

Rest Day

this morning my joints were sore and there was a weird pain on the top of my right foot. M had a hard day with STAR testing and was in NO MOOD for dance class and was all kinds of agreeable when i suggested we go for dip. the middle school where she'll be going in the fall has a nice pool just a mile or so away from our house. i purchased a swim pass for each of us. i can swim laps while she goofs off at the shallow end. every so often i'd join her for a bit then i'd slip back into the slow lane for a few laps. we did that for close to an hour.

i have no idea how many laps i did i do know that i still suck at bilateral breathing and look like a dork everytime i try to breath on the left side...left arm flails like i'm flagging down a taxi...i found myself ...for a brief moment getting irritated and then i reminded myself "uh, your not training your doing a recovery swim chill" ...and the rest of the swim was quite nice.

sundays 10 miler was flat and boring. i needed to get it over with so i could help T paint. 1:56:26 the room is's very bright ...still i like how it's coming along.

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olga said...

Some days mood takes the better of us - I woke up this morning and was in no mood to get out the door, so fell asleep again...but then I am felling cranky and achy the whole day. Shoulda gone running:)
Good luck with painting.