Sunday, April 22, 2007

Train Don't Strain -Running Maxim

4/21 saturday 10.0 mi 2:00:47
4/20 friday 6.29 mi 1:08:26
4/18 wednesday 8:51 mi 2:03:16
4/17 tuesday 4.02 mi 38:38
4/15 sunday 7:12 mi 1:48:11

35.95 miles total for the week. i have to thank the local weather for geting me to squeeze more in as the training schedule and Nature did NOT play well together at all this week.

Long runs are now 10 miles. a moderately challenging route, i have to say I FELT GREAT THE WHOLE TIME. the arch of my left foot felt a little weird for the first mile or two than it stopped. my breathing was even ...not one single side stitch. i concentrated alot on just relaxing. everytime i approached a hill i took a deep breath reminding myself: it's just a hill, no need for speed, take your time. it was gray and cool yesterday....perfect running conditions for a hilly course. i took the usual Lone oak trail to the Nimitz. once i got through the first cattle gate instead of taking san pablo ridge i veered to the left a discovered Muzane(sp?) Trail. this turned out to be a good move. it was about a mile shorter as i only wanted to cover 10 miles.

i love fast descents and this part of trail was mostly just that: fast and downhill. when i got to the bottom i hopped another cattle gate and made my way back towards Lone Oak. at the 9.90 mile mark my ipod battery's that for lucky? i really have grown attached to tunes while running i'm glad the battery hung in there for the majority of the run. 10 miles in 2:00:47

M's room is getting a makeover. it's taking longer than expected and emptying the room out completely before painting is a major ordeal. i recently pulled out her quilt squares and have them on the audition board. it's been months since i've even looked at them....i've been playing with them all week and think i have it figured out. she's still fond of my color choices. shopping for paint, we're looking for tangerine and soft pinks to compliment the quilt. she traded her bunk beds for a daybed and we got rid of a desk that she's outgrown. i know this would be more interesting with pictures but something is going amok in the hardrive and i'll be without a computer for awhile after today getting it checked out.

still running solo.....

but not entirely alone. i picked up a few running books this week:
The Lore of Running, Noakes ...i'm really liking this one....more than i thought
The Runner's Literary Companion .....The Lovliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Sarah Maitland ...i loved the line "running is my animal"
and The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration.

Have A Great Day!

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