Monday, June 11, 2007

incendiary thoughts

i deleted yesterday's post. it was an honest account of how i felt at the time but it's a bit of a downer and i didn't want it around anymore. writing and posting was enough. deleting it feels like taking a match and setting it on fire.

i'm not apologizing or anything i'm just feeling less emotional about things today but because those heavy thoughts accomapanied me every step of that 16 plus mile run yesterday i couldn't post about it without including what was actually going on in my mind.

incremental progress is still progress.


LouBob said...

If only we could do that with other things in our life:)

Anne said...

I'm going through a rough patch myself, which is why I didn't respond to other posts earlier but now that I've read them, I wish I had if only so you knew you weren't alone with how you're feeling. I've missed as much as three weeks of training and still done just fine in a marathon, so don't obsess about a few missed workouts.

And I've cried on many a run recently and felt the better for it. I think you've begun tapping into the spiritual side of this activity. This, apart from the obvious physical health benefits, is why we run!