Sunday, July 22, 2007

El Cerrito

i wanted to run somewhere between 12 and 15 today but in the end was only able to pull off a little under 12 (11.76 in 2.5 hrs) i got a rather late start thanks to an exceptionally obnoxious mosquito who thought my exposed limbs were the latest entree at an all you can eat buffet, that little fucker kept me up all night! i didn't drag my ass out of bed until well past 9 am.

while lacking curb appeal El Cerrito hills rival any hill in Berkeley. i ran parallel to the BART trail towards Richmond to add a little bit of elevation. Seaview was a nice surprise and the view of San Francisco was well worth the climb. i haven't figured out how to upload graphics from my garmin onto my blog yet.

while this run didn't suck it's left me feeling hot, tired and a little cranky. time to hit the showers and figure out how to clean up this house without exerting anymore effort.

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