Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mojo Interuptus

ok,ok, i've been in "party" mode for the past couple of weeks. but hey what the hell, a gal's gotta do what a gal gotta do to feel good about turning ...gulp...44, seriously!

for the first time in well over a month i jumped on-line this morning without any problems. i have only been able to acess the internet in a timely fashion between the hours 9 am and 4 pm, anytime before or after has been impossibly slow and i just didn't have the time or energy to call my server (sbc or att whateverthefucktheircallingthemselves) for assistance. yesterday i finally took the time and dicked around with 3 different people and in the end (no pun intended) was told that somebody else would call me in 2-4 hours to set-up an appointment.

needless to say i wasn't happy about it. in fact after i hung i sat there and stewed, proceeding to get madder by the minute. i then called back, waded through the same stupid teleprompts and once a person answered i said i wanted to discontinue my internet service.

apparently, i should've came to this conclusion sooner, because suddenly they became all sorts of interested and helpful. within moments i was on a 3-way call w/tech support on one line , a field guy on the other ...a technician came withing 2 hours ....problem solved.

so, the true test would be in the morning to see if i could get on line w/o's been a major PITA trying to log on before 9 am. i think that's contributed to my lack of motivation in the mornings whole routine revolves around a couple cups of coffee and a little internet intervention. sure i have books, inspirational quotes tacked up but i really like logging on super early reading blogs visiting various running gets me going.

right now i'm getting ready to hit the trails , probably Briones. the schedule calls for 20 but my last long run/hike of 17 miles was on 6/27....and with all the slacking off i've been doing since then i'm thinking more like 15 miles.

besides i'm too lazy to try to pick-up where i left off.

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LouBob said...

We have dial-up and it's ALWAYS a pain. At least you can run for stress relief if nothing else! Nothing wrong with party mode either.