Wednesday, November 21, 2007

as if my dog didn't already love me. these regular runs in the neighborhood have her following me around well like a lovesick puppy.

so like some of you i suspect i'll be putting in another day at work today but then i have 4 days off, yay!

today my father in-law is being released from our facility, a medication change and some new feeding strategies have made a grim situaton a little more hopeful. he's declining but definitely improved during his stay in rehab and is well enough to return to his board & care facility.

i'm making 2 pumpkin pies from scratch (canned) i'm not brave enough to use real pumpkin, despite having quite few lying around still from our "crop" this year.

i haven't set-up the internet for the laptop yet. will be in place soon though. i've been goofing around with microsoft home vista. it's weird and very cool at the same

enjoy the holiday and being with friends and family...even if you can't stand 'em.
come on now it's the right thing to do!

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