Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back-Up Plan

i'm feeling deliciously sore from sundays run up in Strawberry. it's been awhile since i ran up there. it was good to run on dirt again. on the second hill repeat a woman stood off to the side and "said, wow your an inspiration" i kinda grinned and said "not really, just a masochistic" parking up there is limited and on the weekends nearly impossible so i parked a mile away from the trail head and jogged in. i was feeling pretty agitated about a few things that morning and getting away from the computer and back on the trail did me a world of good.

i've been waiting for 3 weeks for a friend to come over and help with some computer stuff and they've had to cancel twice. i'm learning that with some friends it's a good idea to have a back-up plan. at least i knew better than to cancel the geek squad appointment for wednesday.

so after my run, i took the laptop back to best buy and they explained that i needed to activate the computer within a week otherwise everything freezes up. whew, okay good i hadn't accidentally kicked it into some weird mode. it was a good thing i took it back to best buy since i'm not set up on the internet yet and they were able to activate it for me there in the store.

while they were servicing the laptop i wandered over to the camera dept. and explained to the sales girl in very untechnical terms "i just want to get the pictures out of the camera and onto the computer" she said i needed a memory card reader. cool and it was only 16.00 bucks. i left best buy anxious to get the started with the memory card.

i plugged the usb cable into the computer and waited for something to happen. well after 30 minutes nothing seem to be happening. i left for the movies and when i got home nothing seemed any different. so either it's extremely slow or i just bought another useless piece if crap. good thing it was cheap.

it's gonna come together eventually just not in the way i envisioned it.

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