Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i'm a little sore from the yoga class the other day. guess there is a difference between the restorative yoga i usually (using the term usually loosley here..) attend and yoga II.

i hadn't been feeling too festive about the pending holidays so when i started feeling a bit of holiday cheer in the decorations section of Target i was pleasantly surprised.

the animated village scenes, sparkling tree toppers, even the tacky over sized lawn ornaments brought a sense of warm fuzz all over.

too soon for this sort've talk? ba hum bug!


olga said...

I get sore shoulders every time I take a break from yoga and come back. Better than nothing for sure, love been sore!

Fe-lady said...

I want to be in a festive mood...but it's going to be 87 here tomorrow! I even made home made soup, but the temps aren't falling yet!