Thursday, November 15, 2007

keeping it simple

my laundry room is located right off my kitchen. in the center of the kitchen is a large island. i've been transferring running clothes from the laundry room to the island and just leaving them there. shoes are in a cubby under a coat hook where brandy's leash hangs. i don't have to even think, it's all right there, taking brandy also takes the pressure off, i leave the garmin and watch at home and just do it!

i'm starting to like this low key form of exercise with my dog. seems like my running is evolving again, not in the faster further kind of way but in the "it's just what i do kind of way" i was beginning to resent the rigorous training schedule and then i shut down for a couple of weeks, now building back up without any races on the horizon, i needed something to get me motivated. running with my dog has really gotten better now that we're going on a regular basis for shorter distances.

i'll get back up in mileage eventually, but i'm totally fine with how things are going. cross training at the Y and putting more thought into meal prep has me feeling pretty good about things.

have a great day!

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Anne said...

For me, this is the best kind of running. I enjoy the occasional race to see where I stand with people, but I'm more of a "just do it" kinda zen gal anyway and believe in simplicity as well.

And congrats on the Gateway. Mobile computing rocks!!!