Saturday, July 05, 2008


this was actually taken at disneyland last month. the display we saw lastnight at the berkeley marina was pretty good too despite smoke and fog that occluded the grand finale. the three of us had a good time gorging ourselves on spinach and potatoe knishes, hot links,corn dogs, curly fries and corn-on-a-stick. totally justified as we parked Really Far Away. my choice of footwear could've been better but i had to wear my cheapo red sneekers to go with the blue and white i had going on and boy are my dogs tired. but i finally feel like i'm catching up on sleep.

as i watched T kicking back on our big blanket before the show he appeared to be the most relaxed i'd seen him in a long time. i think talking on the cell phone less and having fun closer to home has done us both some good this week.

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Anne said...

Belated holiday greetings, Christine. Funny, I wore cheap blue shoes in the name of patriotism and developed blisters. such is the price for freedom, I suppose.