Monday, June 21, 2010

Here I go again....

so it appears my tri-days aren't a thing of the past.  saturday as i was leaving the gym i noticed another flyer for an olympic distance training group.  i messed up my dates and missed the cut-ff by 5 people for the current tri-club .  not caring to fundraise again this year i've dodged the frequent emails and requests to mentor with TNT. missing out  on tri-club really sucked, in fact every time i went to spin an instructor would start yacking about shout-outs to participants in the class.... it just irked me that i screwed up my dates the way i did. 

anyhoo, coach Nancy is leading an olympic distance group starting at the end of July and my name is Numero Uno on the list. buyah!

we spent Father's Day at Stinson Beach...none of us thought to bring a camera! I did however pack a mean picnic basket...yogi would've been proud.

my run after work didn't suck...the Garmin on the other hand flubbed up and failed to sync the right date with the appropriate data....WTF!  It's like turning in your homework and not getting it graded. 

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