Thursday, August 12, 2010

better choice

instead of going to the solano stroll kick-off party i went swimming after work. T and M are very involved with this every not so much...chit chatting with dozens of people and pigging-out on copious amounts of free food...just wasn't what i wanted or needed to do. 

the lanes were packed and it took a bit of lane hopping before i actually got down to the business of swimming.  once i settled into a lane i just focused on my breathing and bilateral skills.  i have no idea how far i swam but i was in the pool 40 minutes.

i'm all stuffed up now and my hair will takes hours to air dry, blow dry and flat iron....course frizzy hair that i must beat into submission every time i get it wet....another reason to not love swimming.


Black Knight said...

You made the right choise. I miss my swimming. Have a wonderful Ferragosto (August 15th).

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Embrace the frizzy hair! I do. Or just pull it back into a pony tail. Mine takes forever to dry too. Glad you got in a good swim!