Thursday, January 16, 2014


I was so restless yesterday after work.  I think I was edgy because I didn't have my regular day off plus I worked half a day on Saturday .  I'm only just experimenting with working out after work.  Ironically I wanted to but I also had other stuff to do...stuff that didn't get done around the house because I went to work on my day off.    So I walked at lunch and walked the dog when I got home.  I was irritable though,  got a few chores done and tried to get to sleep early.  Still, I was so restless, I woke up around 2am had coffe and peanut butter toast and hit the treadmill for 45 mins...mostly running.   I now have about a half hour before I need to leave for work.

So my workout is done but am I gonna bonk by midday?

Addendum:  I did start to lag after lunch but felt fine for most of the day.  I love getting the workout done.

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