Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back to School

Today I wrapped up a 2 day pain management workshop I attended for work. I'm an occupational therapy assistant and I work in a skilled nursing facility. The workshop focused on alternative methods of treatment...Right up my alley, as I have a background in massage therapy and am a big advocate for holistic medicine. I've recently been feeling a bit burned out and struggling to really help the people on my caseload. This workshop was just what I needed to snap out of my slump.
At lunchtime, I chatted with the facilitator about opportunities available to assistants and she asked me if I had considered going for my degree as a full fledged OT. I cringed (inwardly) I'm sure I gave the impression that I didn't care to return to school, which isn't true I just wouldn't want to go back to be an OT. I would be interested in taking an aroma therapy
course or one on myofascial release.
And what does any of this have to do with running? Like the workshop I just finished , running has got me out of many a slump, it's caused me to see things differently and it's definitely pushed me torwards new aspirations.
I got up extra early this week to run because of the workshop. Not sure if I'm ready to commit to 5 am indefinitely, but I know Brandy oh so happy if I did......actually we'd both be really happy.

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