Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It is officially the butt crack of dawn........5:11 am.....it's dark out there.........think I'll take Brandy. I've downed a cup of joe, small 1/2 glass oj and 4 gummy bears. Read a hilarious post by mia goddess....a self-admitted control freak she's currently struggling with post baby weight loss and succumbing to weight watchers dogma. ok, quit stalling.
6:10 am
Ran for 37 minutes. Opted for the neighborhood streets vs the trail, seemed safer. Brandy seems to do better on early morning runs...less distractions I guess.
I felt good on this run too! Cool and calm, even on the hilly parts. Good thing I'm not creeped out by spiders, I ran through a few webs!


Tim said...

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susie said...

Hi Chris! Congratulations on getting started. You've also gotten spam, which is a real drag. There's a way to set up your comments with making people type a code...this will stop the spammers. Otherwise, you'll keep getting it.
I *love* the mornings...it's the best time to run. You're right about Mia...she's such a sweetie and sooo funny.