Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mind Over Matter........

I registered for a 5k, King Oscar Presidio Trails in San Francisco, 11/20/05. The event description reads "a rare chance to race on the beautiful trails of Presidio." I have a bit of performance anxiety. This race will be a test as it's a planned event vs the 5k I stumbled upon in Sept.....hence more time to worry blah blah blah.......I can run 3.11 miles, but I need to pace myself better and not get freaked out by the masses. Last 5k I got so worried that I wouldn't finish and I ran too hard the first half and well it wasn't pretty. I did place 3rd in my age range but I pushed too hard and felt icky nervous vs excited. Running is such a high for me and I want to enjoy racing. I need to prepare mentally as well as physically this time.

A trail race will certainly be different as I'm sure to be doing as much scrambling as running. And there are hills......which leads me to my 6:30 am run this morning...Hella Hills!!! I love living in Berkeley!!!
I purchased a pair of trail shoes (Trail Lizards by Timberland) back in June and I think I bought the wrong size or maybe my big toe nail was needing a trim....dunno? I like my gel-kayano's (the helpful salesperson at the shishy running gear shop suggested I go up a size ). I'll need to try/re-try both pair out on some trails this weekend.

Left Brandy home and just followed well lit streets in the surrounding neighborhood.......saw a couple of other women running together and a few mommies w/babies in strollers......I always dig seeing other runners/walkers up at the butt crack of dawn. Hats off to the mommies .......I could never get my dtr. to settle in a stroller!! OH yeah, My dtr. and I will be volunteering at a Turkey Trot at Oceans beach on Thanksgiving, hubby works and I usually host dinner and he comes home around 6 pm to eat and crash. My dtr. hasn't shown alot of interest in running but she is aware of the mental and physical plusses it's been for me, volunteering together at this event may just be another good influence I hope.

I'm slowly changing my ways and leaving time to stretch.
Todays effort: 30 minute run f/u w/15 mins of stretching.

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