Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Today I managed to get out the door at the not so freakishly early hour of 6:45am. With Brandy in tow we set out for the trail nearby as it was starting to get light. I felt strong and got to El Cerrito bart in 12 mins vs the usual 15. At a much slower pace on the turn-around I was going to stop after 30 minutes, but was spurred on by another runner headed down the path up ahead , this added another 10 mins resulting in a 40 minute run on a school day!!
Brandy is still prone to puppy silliness, chasing leaves and just about anything that blows in the wind, I usually run w/her tied around my waist (does this count as a "Core"workout), and if I'm not paying attention she's been known to wrench my back. Today however she was extra good........Thanks to Susie for turning me on to Ben Boyd toons......the one with the dog wearing the sign "will run for fun" is posted above Brandy's watering hole.


taskette said...

Christine, I know what you mean about getting up early. I can almost never do that. If I am ever up at 5 it's usually by accident. 6:45 is even pushing it for me. I have to get up at 7 to be to work by 8, but, I LOVE MY SLEEP!! Have fun keep up the good work with the running!!

susie said...

A good run! Now if I had a dog, I would definitely have motivation. And yes, I think it counts as a core workout!!

Mia Goddess said...

Oh! I like the new look! 5am. That's like, the middle of the night. You are so hard core!