Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm calm, cool and far!

This weeks workouts:

Sunday: 45 minute trail run, 45 minute bike ride
This was a good workout, new shoes felt fine. My glutes got a real workout, I've notice a mild soreness all week......I like it!

Wednesday: 4 miles in 40 minutes w/hills on treadmill
This was tougher than it sounds, I do hills on my runs in the neighborhood so I was prepared.

Friday: 3 miles in 28 minutes w/varied speeds on treadmill
This is the fastest I've run since bonking my toe, my singlet was soaked.

Current Reading:
The Competitivel Runner's Handbook, blogs, and Runner's world and the Lance Armstrong interview w/Oprah

Food Intake:
Eating has been not great just ok. I'm reading a chapter in my book on nutrition for runners. I tried a Gu for Sundays trail run, I had energy for the climb to Lake Anza but I was tired!!

So so....not great either though last night I slept very well.

Today Miranda and I will head into the city and try to scope out the race site.....the course is undisclosed and I've been hesitant to ask the event director for details, less I draw too much attention to myself (like he's gonna remember me!)

Things to pay attention to:
Start a bit slower than last time, but not too much slower
5ks are tricky like that too short to start slow too long to start fast

My book recommends segmenting the race into 4 parts:
Mile One
Mile Two
Mile Three
The final kick

So, it's not much of a strategy, but it's certainly more thought than I put into my last race. I could really use more practice on pacing I have no internal sense of it yet, I rely on the treadmill for tracking, at this stage i'll be too focused on just running and trying to avoid spraining my ankles on the trail to read info from a gadget.

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