Friday, November 11, 2005

Not Bad

Instead of punching in my usual 3.0 on the treadmill I entered 4.0 resulting in
4.0 miles in 40:53, not bad considering I walked most of the first mile. Two weeks till race day, I'm still excited. Read some good blog entries regarding times and how gadgets can really take the fun out of running. It's true, a well intended family member gave me a ped-o-meter and well let's just say I don't use it that much.
Don't get me wrong am Curious about my times and speed but perhaps not to the extent a "real runner" would be. I'm often inspired by the blogs but also a little put off at times......when reports get too technical it makes this thing (running) I love seem less accessible. I'm sure this has something to do with my hang-ups about's wack I know.
I'm considering my upcoming event my official debut since the first 5k wasn't planned. This is a trail race and I haven't run on trails since hurting my toe, this weekend will have to make room for a trip to Tilden or someplace with trails.....the foot is fine when I'm running on flat surfaces but it is still sore when I squat or roll onto my toes.......foot fall/cadence is different with trail running for sure.
I'm not going to lie and say I don't care about my time for this race, but I want to enjoy this event, be present and not have the thought "oh god just get me through this" so if it means a slower time so be it.
Have a good one!

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