Sunday, November 13, 2005


The folks at Title 9 Rock! Back in June I got a pair of trail shoes, unfortunately a size too small. I tried them out a handful times with the same result: Jammed toes. At first I thought my toenails were too long or my laces weren't tight enough, or I wasn't wearing the right sock.......but the sad point was I spent a good chunk of change on the wrong shoes. Instead of returning them immediately I kept thinking they would "break in". They didn't and after awhile I bought another pair of road shoes and stayed off trails.

Next weeks event is a trail race and I wasn't even thinking about what shoes to wear since being so preoccupied with my sore toe, it finally occured to me that I needed trail shoes.....hang in there Title 9 to the rescue!!

I walked in explain my plight and also that I had no receipt! The clerk totally accomodated me, hooked me up with a better pair... Montrail Serendipity and me and my new shoes had a great run at Tilden this am.
In addition to the 3 mile loop I added a trip around Lake Anza ( excellent for narly roots and rocks galore!!) approx another mile. A few times I had to walk cuz it was steep and rocky in parts but I felt GREAT!!!!!! Total Time:45mins

I cooled down a bit wandered over to the Littel Farm and jogged back up the hill to the parking lot near the loop and stretched in sunshine. A perfect morning!

An added bonus Tom and Miranda have agreed to go on bike ride, yay!

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susie said...

Don't you love good customer service?? Yay! And you *are* a real runner.