Saturday, December 03, 2005

Going Through the Motions

Some runs are just this way. Despite a beautiful albeit chilly morning I had to force myself off the couch. Instead of running to the trailhead I caught a ride w/T (whom won't be home until midnight!) I ran for 31 minutes walked for 12 and ran for another 6 towards the gym where I planned to continue to go through the motions of an upperbody workout but when I got there, I remembered it isn't open until 10 on Saturday's (even more lame, it's closed on Sunday's.......but it's super close to our house and T did some signage for the owner and we have a free membership).
I stretched for a bit on the cold concrete out front of the gym then decided to check out a ceramics shop/gallery nearby.....ended up walking home (another 3 mins) parked myself back on the couch and proceeded to eat my favorite bagel:
the works w/sundried tomato cream cheese.

It's okay, I'll be sure to get good sleeps tonight and have a GREAT run tomorrow.

Sidenote, M and I had so much fun decorating a gingerbread house lastnight. COSTCO has the nifftiest little kit out right now.

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