Thursday, December 01, 2005

Let the holiday madness begin

I broke from tradition this year by NOT hosting Thanksgiving instead opting to volunteer at the turkey trot..No problem we had a good time, got home around 11 and made a nice smaller dinner which we ate with T when he got home.
Sometime between getting home and eating with T, I called the in-laws to say Happy Turkey Day and before I could stop myself I suggested that we have Christmas at our house. I hadn't even spoke with T about it, it just sort've slipped out. I can only attribute this to some latent guilt I had about doing exactly what I wanted to do on Thanksgiving.
The thing is, I come from a small not-so-close family with 2 sibs out of state and the only family I see on a regular basis is my mom. T on the other hand has a huge family (in my opinion) and when we host party's the list includes aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents....Oh jeez it just goes on...suffice it to say theres a lot of them.
There will be 22 people here on Christmas day.
Perhaps some may see this as a modest number to me it's a little freaky.
All I can say is thank God for Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and the fact that I'm a runner now!!!!
Tuesdays run was sweet, a light drizzle that got a little heavier at the end of my 35 minute run. There's a man I've come to know on the BART trail.......I'll refer to him as the "Happy Runner" when I first spotted him in my early days, I could barely run a full minute, he'd be singing as he ran , his form was noticeable too he sort've floats at a steady clip, always shirtless and always grinning. Over time we'd make eye contact and after about a year we'd say hi. Occasionally, we'll chat while running in place for a minute , give a high 5 and continue running in opposite directions.
In a weird way I feel connected to this guy, and to some of the other runners I see on the trail (not to mention my favorite bloggers!), whether it's a smile or a nod, a considerate gesture like sidestepping to let another runner stay on the dirt trail vs the pavement. There's another woman I can't seem to make eye contact with but I always try, she's got some type of gait disturbance, but I see her all over the place, sometime I'll work up the nerve to say "Hi" Then there's another older man, a stroke survivor, he wears a running sandal and I always feel a little guilty when I pass him.
I know, I'm a freak!!

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