Friday, December 23, 2005

I was able to maintain a 9.2 pace for the better part of 4 miles this morning,
followed by a good stretch and (drum roll please, this is hard for me people!)
(2) 15 x 15 lunges, biceps,
(2) 10 X 15 triceps and
(2) 30 X 15 squats.

I'm slowly getting to like wt. lifting.

I'm pretty solid and tend to think I don't need to lift wts., but I'm coming to appreciate the various benefits.
I usually don't have time in the morning and well I'm just not motivated to workout after work.
So, I've been trying to hit a few major muscle grps whenever I use the gym's treadmill.

Hi Ho Hi Ho Off to work I go.


Black Knight said...

Very good job, the stretch is very important and, shame on me, I am too lazy to do it in the appropriate way.

Brit said...

way to go! Great work