Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sweet Rewards II

You see the thing is, I had no intention of running today much less back up to Strawberry Canyon. Sleep has been an issue lately and I completely sabotaged any prospects of a run on Saturday cuz Friday, after staying up past 11pm, I got back up around 2am puttering around the house until 3:30. Took M to see the Narnia flick...The only exercise I (we) got was due to my parking several blocks away to avoid paying the ridiculous $5.00 per hr. parking lot fee! I did manage to unpack the x-mas box and get a few things ready for the party. T came home w/the Tree marking a close to his wretched holiday schedule...yay!!! I went to bed at 8pm and didn't wake up till 6 am...double yay!!!
I'm prone to guilt and today it came from the fact that Brandy has been short changed for the past couple of weeks and was in major need of a decent run.
I wasn't exactly in attack mode but I scaled Big Bertha. I got to the place where I left off last Sunday and tacked on another 10 mins.....for a total of 45 mins out (3.6 mi). I ran another 30 mins back and then walked , got Brandy back on the leash as we approached the parking lot, she was a mess having managed to find the one mud hole up there.
Holy crap, I ran 6.5 miles in 75 minutes!!

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Oldman said...

sounds like you had a great run...