Monday, December 12, 2005

Hmmm lets see, Susie "infected" me. So, the rules go like this list 5 random facts about yourself and list 5 names of folks you'd like to (know more about) infect.

1. I served in the california conservation corp after high school. I was seasonal firefighter.
2. I'm a certified massage therapist.
3. I served a mission in Italy for a year and half in the late 80s, however went inactive shortly
after my return to the states
4. I am ultra sensitive. I cry for any number of reasons, yet I'm not comfortable when others do,
weird I know!
5. I'm way too concerned about what other people think of me, I am prone to feeling guilty
when I put myself first.

People I'd like to know more about include:
Pink Lady, Noames, Brown Socks, It's a Beautiful Life and Running Red Sox fan.
I'm sorry I don't know your first names, but I've enjoyed reading your blogs.
And with the exception of a couple of you I doubt you'll even see this!


Oldman said...

so i can stop over for a massage? where were you in son lives in Rome

Black Knight said...

We got into the troubles, all the runners have been infected, I am collecting funds to find a cure against this kind of virus. Please feel free to send money to my Foundation.....