Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Firstly, I gotta come clean, my run on Sunday took more like 90 mins vs 77mins. I started at 8:40 and finished at 10:00 , so 8 miles in 1.5 hrs! I'm not sure how I miscalculated that one, I blame it on the cows! Still I gloat..That's the farthest and the longest I've ever run .
Seems our dry spell has run it's course as we gear up here in the bayarea for more rain. It's my day off today but I gotta hang around home between 1-5 for the Sears repair guy to come fix the fridge......It became "incontinent" over the holiday and there's been a constant stream trickling across the kitchen floor. So, in order to get an early start (6:30am) I gave M. specific instructions to make her bed, eat breakfast and get her backpack together while I headed over to the gym for a treadmill run: 4miles in 38:58. A quick stretch afterwards than home to take M to school. Brandy got a short walk afterwards up in the Berkeley hills, and along the way I found 3 perfectly good ceramic pots...Berkeley is famous for it's free piles.
It's a perfect day for quilting, I need trim and even up all my blocks before assembling the quilt top and maybe go to New Pieces for fabric to add side sashes and the border.

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Black Knight said...

Think positive, 90 minutes on the road are always 90 minutes running! No matter the distance.