Friday, January 06, 2006

Well I can see I'm not gonna get away with NOT setting some kind of goals for 2006. Catching up w/posts,so many thoughtful and motivated bloggers! How can I not take time to plan,dream, conquer,breakthrough...........

Brown Socks really summed it up for me with developing a healthier relationship with running. I've been very focused this past year overcoming that 10 week wall!! I guess I needed to obsess for awhile, to get solid with this running thang!! I feel fully committed but now it's time to reintroduce some other interests of mine into the mix..Namely quilting.....Don't laugh!
Quilting is a bit like running a marathon, completely daunting overwhelming in fact if you focus only on the finished product. And then there are those times when you are in the zone and the creative juices get going it's almost magical! I recently pulled out some blocks I started for a twin sized quilt for Miranda 3 years ago....I have to make five more pinwheels and side sashes to finish the quilt top.

The goals:

#1 Finish this quilt and 2 baby quilts by May.

#2 watch less HGTV.....True, while I am inspired by all that organizing and redecorating, I also
feel more critical of my home as a result....Goal #1 ties in nicely with my need to create
beauty for myself and others.
#3 X-train more, do more biking and lifting. (and maybe learn to swim)
#4 Do well in a 10K by Spring.
#5 Last but not least, continue to strive for BALANCE (this will be my word/theme for the
year, thanks Susie!)

This weeks recap:
Wednesday: 50 minute run along various urban trails and total body workout at gym.
Friday: an easy 3.5 outdoors yeah!
Saturday: Total body workout at the gym (w/my sweetie!) was careful not to overdo the legs, in anticipation of Sundays long run....Nevertheless my legs and arms were sore!
Sunday: Incredible breakthrough for me!
I ran 8 miles in 77 minutes. Nimitz trail in Tilden is a hilly asphalt trail that winds it way through eucalyptus trees and open cattle fields the first 4 miles. So gorgeous this am w/fog drifting across the trail . On the turn around a family of cows, mammas and 2 babies lumbered along in single file........not exactly running with the bulls but no less exhilarating!!

ps: I finished the last 5 blocks of Miranda's quilt top too!


Brit said...

So true about quilting and running...sometimes there is the zone and other times you have to chain yourself to the sewing machine or your running shoes..but in the end I love them both as stress relievers!!

Black Knight said...

Very interesting goals and a good "busy" week. As the latin said: ad maiora!

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Nice work on the long run!