Sunday, January 15, 2006

I couldn't get to the Nimitz trail fast enough this spectacular Sunday morning.
Out the door a little past 8am, stop for coffee and gas (Aaarg!) Up up up Marin Ave (rivals any steep hill in San Fracisco!) to Tilden. Saved a few minutes getting to Inspiration point by cutting over to Grizzly Peak. Finally, after a few minutes warming up, I hit the trail, this time keeping to the single track dirt trail as much as possible, except where it was too soggy after yesterdays downpour.
I don't know but I'm guessing faster times come with familiarity, cuz today I shaved 8 minutes from last weeks time. That's right 8 miles in 1:22:19 oh yeah!!
I'm thinking I might just finish my 10k in an hour! (or better) I'm a little superstitious though and feel a kinda weird putting it out for all to see.
Friday was an easy maybe 3 miles w/and a 30 minute gym workout; emphasis on lowerebody.

On the quilting front, I've cut all my strips for baby quilt #1 and plan to get all 36 Roman stripe blocks finished today. This quilt has to be done by 3/10.


Brit said...

can't wait to see pictures of the quilt

Black Knight said...

Why not a 10k under the hour? I am sure you will do better.