Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Running on Instinct

The trails at Joaquin Miller are very pretty, but Brandy and I were a little disappointed to have to be on leash:( A few places along sunset trail or was it sequoia? (more about my getting semi-lost later) were in need of some maintenance , at one point, we came across a fallen tree and but were able to crawl through and continue on. Lot's of roots and rocks, good times, oh yeah!
Despite my efforts to eat well and get good sleep lastnight, T and I stayed up too late discussing the kitchen. My attempt at compromising backfired and well we've just decided to let me design the kitchen and he gets the rest of the house.
Anyways, I was tired at the start of this run, even after eating cereal, a banana and a gel. From the get go I told myself "this will be short no need to go long today." The trail started out hilly and only confirmed the fact that I was going to make it a short one.
You know how one trail leads to another , and another , and another........I tried sticking to one trail but it ended before I wanted to stop so I jumped onto a second trail, leaving
an arrow made of sticks to keep me on course and it worked, but once I got past my marker on the turnaround I realized none of the scenery looked familiar.
I definitely didn't remember seeing a comfort station on the way in, cuz if I had, I wouldn't of had to pee in the bushes when I first arrived. lol
I could hear the traffic on Joaquin Miller Rd. and it was 11:30 am ........No need to panic, (I kinda giggled at the thought of those diehard trail hounds, running at night w/headlamps, oh lord not something I'd be very good at) but I was tired and really didn't know where I was. The not knowing where I was, must've set off an adreneline rush cuz I ended up running for an hour.
Then I stopped, retraced my steps and headed towards the road.
Still, nothing is looking even remotely familiar.
I climb a little hill and spot my car 30 or so yrds away.
Uhh! go figure. I must've ran past the entrance on the way back.
Note to self: Stick to familiar ground when your tired.
Beautiful place to run though.
I will definitely return when rested.
I'd bring a human buddy if I had one who ran!


susie said...

Ya know, this story makes me really nervous. Good for you....I would have panicked...over-reacted...
Look at you training big time!!

Black Knight said...

I can understand your feeling in such situation! However a good experience for the future.

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

I wish I had a human running buddy too.
I hope you carry a cell phone when you run.....just in case!!

psbowe said...

Hey I had many runs like that myself, I luv the trails. I don't like the getting lost part though.

christine said...

i've thought about carrying mace, but not a cell phone.......hmmmmmmmm food for thought. the cell might not serve much good though in more remote areas.....crummy verizon sucks!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Take some pink survey tape and mark the course as you run along. Good job running trails. Aren't they a blast.