Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cuz I'm feeling hella good!

Had my 1st run of the year over at Caesar chavez this am. The weather is so great right now it's got me in a spring mood. I believe I'm developing a bit of... Dare I say...Discipline. I didn't necessarily feel like running today cause I'd like to go for a longer run on my day off tomorrow, but I'm pushing myself harder these days in prep for my 10k. My theory is that if I can push on days when I don't feel like running I'll build endurance for when the going gets rough. The trick is not to push too hard on those days, so this morning just 3.52 in 33:38 with some good stretching, nothing crazy. Tonight we'll have chicken and whole wheat pasta, I'll get good sleep and take on Joaquin Miller tomorrow.
I answered an e-mail from a mommy running grp. leader, the last time one of these moms contacted me asking for pace info...I apparently was too fast and she begged off.......me too fast ha!!! I guess it's all relative. Hopefully I can find some local gals to run with, on the weekends I've noticed a grp. of women leaving as I arrive up at the Nimitz trail.......I have thought about getting an earlier start to check them out but haven't so far. I'm not an introvert exactly but it's not easy for me to introduce myself to other runners. So weird I know.
Day 2 of the remodel and things are looking good...Luckily the half of the kitchen with stove is accessible so cooking is doable.
Have a great day.


LouBob said...

Glad to hear cooking is doable! Don't you hate the mess of a remodel?

christine said...

call me crazy.....but i've been looking forward to this mess for a long time........i think we're in the "honeymoon phase " at the moment.

psbowe said...

Sounds like a good approach, getting out there even when you feel like it! That 10K will be a breeze a for you now... :)

psbowe said...

oops meant to say: even when you don't feel like it!