Sunday, January 22, 2006

yuck, I've discovered an even grosser gel.....cola buzz cliff shot...truly the worse. this run is not getting off to a good start. first of all. I got cramps....hhhmph need I say more. Than my flax seed waffles got freezer burn and now this nasty ass gel. I'm taking brandy up to strawberry canyon, hopefully it's not too muddy.

To be continued......

Strawberry canyon with a cherry on top!

The last couple of times up at strawberry I got as far the first short hill just beyond the 3.5 marker ( before the turn around) Today I got to the tip top that stops at the rd.
I think this is Grizzly Peak Rd.
And I got there in 49 minutes, oh yeah!
I really pushed up big Bertha too, it usually takes me 4 minutes to scale her,
today I did it 2 minutes, yeah that's right, you heard me.
The view was incredible, I could see the golden gate bridge so clearly. I couldn't hold back and Brandy and I barreled down to the parking lot, despite some really muddy spots, it was just too much fun. I got to yacking to a woman about the Joaquin Miller trails once I got to the parking lot and forgot to check my total run time, I'm pretty sure I covered 7 plus miles in 80 minutes.
My right knee wasn't complaining actually, more like muttering under it's breath......On a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 2, but something to keep an eye on I suppose.
This was a great run, I'm still buzzed!
And no more cramps!!!

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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Hi Christine. Glad the cramps are gone.