Monday, January 23, 2006

So, the kitchen remodel has officially begun. This is our first home and the only thing we've done thus far is the foundation, suffice it to say this is a more interesting improvement, aesthetically speaking. I moved the computer into the living room and the sewing machine is back in the dining room along with most of my kitchen. On Wednesday we go look at counter top surfaces, we're thinking granite and/or corian.
No doubt this isn't very interesting especially w/o pictures (I'm working on that by the way) but as I've found journaling my progress with running and sewing helpful (for motivation and stress relief!) I'm hoping the same will be true for the remodel.
T and I have had HUGE fights over this remodel for months long before anything ever got started. This project has been on and off for over a year and I didn't know until last week that we were actually going through with it. In fact T and the contractor played phone tag all weekend and we only found out lastnight that he would be starting today, so we spent most of the evening clearing out the kitchen. The lines of communication definitely breakdown when we're tired and while my man can juggle many many irons at a time, he often fails to keep me informed and it doesn't sit well as I HATE surprises.
So, I'm a bit of control freak. I like timeliness and lists. I want to know who's coming and who's not coming. I can wing it if I have to and I consider myself a fairly flexible person, but not in the morning before I've had coffee, which is exactly the time T mentioned that he would not be here when the contractor came this morning cuz he had to take his mom to the dentist. (such a good son, i'm a bad wife!) So, I dealt with the contractor, nothing too technical but man I gotta cool out. In retrospect (see why I need write this?) I can see what a turd I was this morning. I'd go for a run if I wasn't so darn tired.
Heavy sigh :(

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