Sunday, February 05, 2006

8 Miles with a cherry on top

Everyone and her cousin were up at Nimitz Trail this morning. Plenty of sun and wiiiiiindy!
I actually chatted with quite a few people today. I met the Lake Merrit Striders and a couple of member's from San Francisco Road Runners Club.
On the turn around I caught up with 2 women from SFRR and one of them noticed me running and dodging potholes, she cautioned me to be careful and I told her I was trying to get used to it due to my upcoming trail race, she then inquired about it and it turned out she and her friend did the half marathon there last year and she smiled and said "oh yeah, there were lots of potholes, rocks and roots." They were a faster than me and we kept playing catch-up, as they would walk up the hills and I would pass them and then they'd pass me.
Later in the parking lot, I arrived probably 10 minutes (total time running: 85 minutes, I had to remove rocks and tie my shoe twice!) after them, we talked some more about the route of my upcoming race and she mentioned that it starts with a gradual 3 mile climb.......I thanked her prompltly for that tip! She then gave me the info/details about the SFRR club and then said "you'll do great" before I headed to the car. The Lake Merrit Striders were really nice too! Before my run I asked them if they were part of Team in Training, and the whole group, about 6 of them gathered around me and told me about there club, details, website etc.
So, opening my mouth paid off for a change. It looks like I may find a running buddy before too long.


susie said...

Having a running buddy will make all the difference. (And opening your mouth leads to all kinds of possibilities, I've discovered!!)

psbowe said...

How cool! it's great to make connections and the scoops!

runr53 said...

If you are anywhere near Alameda, there was a group out there called Island City Runners when I was stationed out there in the 90s! You might want to look them up