Friday, February 03, 2006

Things that really matter

So, I've come to the conclusion that I've been backsliding a bit. Focusing on the wrong things and not appreciatiating the real changes that I've made. The scale isn't the only barometer of success, in fact the idea that I credit it at all is ridiculous, being that I'm not a numbers kind've person.
I learned about a new website and it's not your average weight loss tool.
I'm still figuring it out but their resource center is loaded with super informative articles and the focus is really to educate and empower people to make knowledgable choices.
Maybe because I'm in my forty's now, the things that motivate me to live better and healthier are more internal and have much more to do with gaining greater confidence in my abilities, being a more peaceful partner and mother, and being a happy and productive employee
vs sex appeal and youth. In my experience alot organized wt. loss programing seem to focus on the latter and well I often just felt uninspired.
My 3 miler this morning was sweet, just what I needed to get out of this funk! Thanks to all who visited me this week, I was feeling pretty low, but I think things are starting to turn around.
Have a great friday, woohoo!!


LouBob said...

I'll be 50 next month and I honestly feel a lot more confident NOW than I did at any other age. More secure in myself too!

LouBob said...

You were wondering about what a forerunneer was and I can't seem to e-mail you's a gps wrist device that tracks you pace, mileage,calories burned and the path you run, cool toy!