Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Damn Fine Day

You just gotta love the weather around here these days, sunny and warm. This morning started out very foggy, until I got to the top of Cedar on my way to Strawberry.......then it began to clear. By the time I hit the trail, Brandy was nearly out of her little canine mind....I've been a bad dog mom lately and she was really ansy, when leaving the house she bolted to the car off leash, hopped in the back seat with that " COME ON LET'S ROLL!!" look in her eyes.

Around a dozen military dudes dressed down in fatigues and rather large looking packs were doing some kind of drill, again Brandy went bonkers, completely ignoring me and curiosly sniffing at them as they headed for OUR trail.
Damn, she would need to get back on leash until we passed them, so in vain I called her but she was too distracted by the men in a long single file line, finally I had to sneek up on her in order to get her back on leash and then endure the humiliating attempt of passing the boys with my crazy dog! She doesn't bark, she's just all nosey pulling me practically to the ground as I'm trying to reel her in and pass without being such a spectacle. Gads!!

I've written about Strawberry enough, so I'll spare you the scenic does have me wanting to figure out the digital camera and start posting pics though. Someday I'm sure I'll get around to it.

More activity on the mountain. CAL was having a triatholon, I noticed markers and a sign cautioning drivers to look out for cyclists as I pulled into the parking lot.
I didn't see any triathlete's on the trail until I turned around, some of the guy's were walking up the hill and yes, I did feel a tad bit superior...Ha! I couldn't swim a mile if my life depended on it though. LOL

I received my first issue of Trail Runner's magazine yesterday and was reading an article on quad strengthening and going down the steep descents. Bottom line.....practice is what it takes to bomb down those babies, that and No Fear. I was feeling pretty good on the way back and just went for it, until I grew painfully aware that my toenails needed trimming!!
Now I do pay a fair amount of attention to my grooming and hygiene but I'm alway's putting this off. I guess cuz I seldom wear open toe shoes, nor have I impaled my husband when snuggling.

I'm just taking a break from baby quilt #2 , I decided to use some patches I already had so it will be quite different from the first one.

As for the remodel, we ordered the sink and faucet on E-bay, the sink arrived friday, too late for Dwight to finish the counter this weekend , so that's been delayed until next week. The plumber hasn't gotten back to us and my faucet is somewhere between here and
The honeymoon is over and I want my kitchen back now please!

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psbowe said...

Send some of that great weather on this way, would ya. :)
wow, you got one hyper dog. I guess most of them are that way. Good job with the running despite the scenery... :)