Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Because it warms my heart

While my blog isn't the most popular site around I'm glad to say I have a few "regulars". When you stop by and drop a line or two it feels sooooooo great. I dunno why, validation, empathy, or just a pat on the back ...it just makes me happy.
I'm a lurker for sure, I visit way more than I comment and on the occasion that I do submit a comment to someone new and that person takes the time to respond it's especially sweet.
It's like receiving Valentines every time I read my post.
So, here's wishing you and yours a sweet V-Day!


LouBob said...

I'm a lurker most of the time too and I agree with you on the comments! It makes me feel good. Happy v-day to you and yours.

susie said...

Happy Heart Day!

Running Chick said...

well here's some extra warmth for you...thanks for your email!! =)

Anne said...

Since some lurkers are coming forward, I'll join in and help make your day. I really enjoy reading fellow Californians' running experiences, especially those who train on SoCal trails. Makes me want to join you!

Jim Purdy said...

Encouraging words really are nice, aren't they? Happy Valentine's Day 2008 to all the bloggers and commenters -- and even the lurkers!