Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Down Time

Kinda tired today. Yesterday's efforts were short but intense. I headed over to the highschool track near my facility and tried my hand at sprinting. Up till now I've been feeling so strong and accomplished with my running. Upping the ante has certainly kept my ego in check. It would be very easy to get discouraged, pout, piss and moan, but I know better. This thing, this running thing that I've grown to love and need in my life is not easy. It pushes me to expect more from myself, it makes me accountable for what I eat, how much I sleep, how much I hydrate. It is wicked hard most days and then every so often so incredibly effortless. I will get faster and stronger and maybe develop some patience along the way.
Yesterday, I ran as hard as I could halfway around the track and slowly jogged a full lap, repeated this 4x's and then I raced up the bleachers (14 steps) 20x's. Total time 30 minutes.
I also, performed arm exercises several times throughout the day w/my patients using
4# dumbbells.
Today, I'm sticking close to home. Stretching, hydrating and trying to clean my house, something that usually takes the back burner to just about everything.
I just saw the movie "On the Edge" starring Bruce Dern. T thought I would like it cuz it's about trail running in Marin. He's been so incredibly supportive of my efforts.
One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when the main character is sitting talking to his dad and he notices the house has been cleaned and the dad says basically "when the worlds a mess clean up your nest!"
So, on that note I'm going to spend all day reclaiming my dining room and try to get a start on baby quilt #2.

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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Nice effort at the track. And heh, my house work is often neglected. Thankfully hubby helps pick up some of the slack.