Thursday, February 02, 2006

Get Over It!

A few days ago I stepped on the scale at work, now I'm depressed. The scale at the gym last week actually showed that I lost 4lbs, putting me at 153lbs....then I go and step on the scale at work this past monday and it states a whopping 165 lbs. WTF!!!
So, initially upon stepping off the work scale, I dismiss the information, it's electronic and subject to error in my opinion! The patients at work are always getting their wts wrong, which drives the dietician crazy ....anyways, I did my track workout on tuesday and yesterday was a rest day, but today I can't get going.
It's thursday, which as I've stated before, we're under staffed and my workload is heavier, so strolling in at 10 am is not a good idea. I just need to get this off my chest. Am I pushing too hard in preparation for this race and tweeking myself out at the lack of visual evidence?
Oh god, I hate hate hate that I'm focusing on the fucking numbers, but it's worse cuz this body doesn't feel like doing much either.
Maybe it's the gloomy weather that's got me down.
I've packed my running gear, maybe my mood will change this afternoon.

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LouBob said...

I'm in the same boat! Focusing on how I feel instead of the numbers often helps (unless I FEEL like crap)!