Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Got my Mojo working

Got lucky again today and was able to run outside. The weather is totally messing with my BIG PLANS to check out my race route tomorrow. Oh well, when I woke up this morning it was cloudy and dry, then a little later it started to pour and then a little more later the sun starts shining. Cripes make up your mind already!
By this time I'm hussling M along to get her to school on time and me on the roads. I was thinking of going 5 miles but the idea of doing it on the "dreadmill" (i ripped that off from some blog somewhere) was not appealing cuz i don't have my little pink radio anymore and the music at the gym sucks.
The weather is still holding out, so I take a chance and get a good 30 minute run in, then made a very brief appearance at the gym:squats and leg press.
My left hip is really bugging me, as I write this my frozen bag of edamame is draped nicely around it. I guess that extra 8 minutes on sunday is taking it's toll and my left butt cheeck is sore too. Just as well I cut my run short. Tomorrow I'm getting a massage. Yeah!


LouBob said...

Maybe it's because I live so far north but what the heck is edamame? Try really doing a lot of stretches! One I like is to lie on my back and pull my right knee to my left shoulder, then change and do the other side.

susie said...

Mmmmm, edamame! Yeah, don't even try the TM without music.

Black Knight said...

Mmmmm when I read the word "dreadmill" I feel pain everywhere!