Sunday, February 26, 2006


Yesterday, Brandy, M and I headed over to China Camp where my race will take place in 2 weeks. It is exactly 20 miles from my house to the trailhead. Sweet. We headed over there around 2pm and the traffic was not bad at all, so I expect early Sunday will be a cake walk.(the drive over that is!) Unfortunately, with Brandy in tow and the Search and Rescue drill in progress I wasn't able to scope it out like I had hoped. Still, I wasn't sure how the hell to get to China Camp and was delightfully surprised by how easy it was to find. I'll definitely check it out again on my own before race day.

The race is at 9am, so today I geared up and hit Wildcat at 9am on the dot. I just love my camelbak. I filled it with lemon-lime gatorade and was off for a long run. Today I started at Little Farm and went allllllllllllll the way to Alverado Park.

Total distance/time 8 miles in 1:48:11

Alverado Park is just amazing. Single track canopied trails for days. It was soooooo hard not to explore, but I knew I had to my butt back to Little farm before the rain kicked in.

I feel good about this run, especially after being reminded by Runner Susan's post on the benefits of longer/slower runs.

I found my picnic table, which sits convienently under a great old oak, stretched, not nearly as tired as I was on that first run. Perhaps due to the much cooler temps and occasional drizzle. I rested for a minute and as I headed for my car the rain started to pick-up.

How's that for lucky?


psbowe said...

8 miles, that's awesome! I say you're ready to take on the race!

Scott Dunlap said...

Sounds like fun!

Hey, I saw you use a Camelbak. I had a suggestion for a new Camelbak feature on my blog and was wondering if you could take a look and provide your advice. Much obliged.