Saturday, March 11, 2006

Not too shabby!

Crossing the san rafael bridge, team taylor arrived at china camp at 8:30 am.
undaunted by the cold and overcast i hustled over to get my bib #4562.
i kept to myself jogging the perimeter of the picnic area and stretching, a nice gal approached me and we chatted abit she was running the 20k and her friend was running his 1st 10k.

the 20k's went first, the 10k's followed 10 mins later. i forgot to start my stopwatch on time so my data was off by quite a bit..too bad too, a 49 minute finish woulda been cool.

dare i say the course was easier than i expected. my training runs were alot harder than the actual race. the hills were mere bumps compared to Strawberry. the trails were in pretty decent shape considering all the rain, there were some mushy parts and one gal slipped and fell pretty early on.
i managed to stay upright the whole time.

i played it cool the first half and pushed harder on the turn around. things were going great until my shoelace came undone. i ignored it for awhile. a girl i had past shortly before commented on it and i said "yeah i know" but kept running. i wasn't stepping on it or tripping myself up, but still i stopped to retie it and that girl past me. once i stopped i lost my momentum and i never caught back up with her. she and i chatted afterwards, she had according to her time piece a 30 second lead! ( what? who me? i'm not competitive!)
man i wish i hadn't stopped.
i came so close to pulling this race off in an hour. next time for sure!
i placed 50th.

the folks at envirosports put on a fine race. gorgeous terrain, good snacks and good people.
The t-shirt rocked too!
what else do ya need?
...uuh, besides tighter shoelaces!

official time 1 hour 57 seconds woohoo!


susie said...

Way to go Chris...that's a wonderful race!! It sounds like you were relaxed and steady the whole time. With a first 10K like that, imagine what you will do on future races:) Congrats!

christine said...

thanks susie! i sure had fun. no plans as of yet for the next one. but i'm looking forward to exploring more trails around the bayarea.

Mia Goddess said...

You rocked it, Chris! I'm so amazed by your time ~ you'd be even speedier off the trails. It sounds like you really enjoyed it, and that's what it's all about. Oh, and beating that girl, next time! ;)

christine said...

thanks mia! it meant alot to me to read your well wishes this morning before the race and you were right it was cold!!! the sun was a little late but made for a nice close.

Running Chick said...

Hooray! Awesome race!!! Looks like you fueled up with the perfect foods!

Anne said...

Great 10k debut! The course sounded really nice, as did the participants. And, yeah, crazy that a shoelace can throw you off your game. That's still a great time.

LouBob said...

Way to go! Great report.

psbowe said...

Nicely done! 10Ks are always fun, not too short and not too far, I think. Congrats

Mandy said...

Well Done! You must have felt great when you finished Christine! Hey, and don't fret too much about the 30 seconds. There were probably lots of people who were 30 seconds behind you!! Congratulations...trail running sounds good.