Friday, March 10, 2006

mother nature gettin her freak on!

i just wanted to record a few details


a thunderstorm has just passed over berkeley headed towards hayward.

there's snow at 500' throughout the bayarea.

i think it's safe to say that i'll be getting wet tomorrow.

pre-race meal: spaghetti and gatorade (yum, i'm full=)

outfit: black tights, blue long sleeve asics shirt, white cap

hydration: camelbak w/lemonade gatorade

footwear: Montrails and smartwool sox

the weather has been bright and sunny in the morning and then overcast and rain in the evenings for the past week.

i didn't receive my race packet in the mail, despite having pre-registered 2 mos ago. i'll need to check-in early.

i'm nervous but not for the reasons i thought i'd be.

i feel really good, no hip pain or tightness.

i feel totally ready for this distance.

i just didn't factor in this crazy ass weather.


Mia Goddess said...

Girl, I've been thinking about you all day today! I can't believe this weather ~ thunder and lightning this evening, snow in Walnut Creek and our friends sent photos of their house in the Santa Cruz mountains ~ enough snow for a small snowman and a snowball fight too! It hailed so hard here that I was afraid to go outside. Tomorrow, I predict sunny and COLD so wear chapstick and kick some butt and I can't wait to hear all about it! Go, Chrstine, go!!!

susie said...

The weather is just to distract you!! You are going to rock this race--I know it! Just keep your breating steady, one foot at a time, and think good thoughts. You will love crossing the finish:)

Brit said...

Good Luck!!

LouBob said...

Have a good one and just enjoy it! We've got eight inches of fresh snow, I'll trade ya?