Saturday, April 22, 2006

1st group brick - weather permitting!!

let the games (HUMILIATION) begin! today triclub meets at ceasar chavez for our first bike/run. i've not spent much time doubling up on disciplines, my first real bike ride and run was not too long ago and my legs felt like jello going from the 30 minute ride to the 10 minute run. i had no power in my legs at all! i was a little surprised by this. not sure of the distances planned for today but it should be interesting.
i've only been to the pool once this week and will need to make up for it big time. seems like i'm either overdoing or underdoing, not finding much balance at all this week.
checked out some tri gear online, a bit leary about ordering anything though, concerned about proper fit and all. while the rest of me appears to be shrinking, my butt isn't!
i keep telling myself this is a tri4fun, don't sweat it. as for the swim i can always swim on my back. there is one small problem with this plan however, you can't really see where your going on your back.

The Aftermath:

the ride was 6 miles and the run was close to 3 miles and my time was 47 min, taking into account the transition from cleats to running shoes. i forgot to take off my bike gloves and ditched them on the second loop along with my hydration pack. i didn't have my own watch - it's been missing for days, so i'm not sure of individual times but the legs felt better than i expected following the ride. the first loop was pretty slow and i was flanked by a couple of other gals, one was really chatty . around the last 1/4 mile i said "i can't talk anymore" and pulled away. my finish was s trong, but i felt a little woozy and walked around a bit before rejoining the group.
right now i'm waiting for T to get back so I can go for a swim. i've been studying the drills on my TI video and am anxious to get going.


susie said...

I'll bet you have already finished by now...and had a blast! I admire you for taking it all on. And you are right--relax and have fun:)

christine said...

yeah it was pretty fun. we did a 6 mile ride and a close to 3 mile run. total time for both came to 47 mins. one of the women i was running next to was a pretty talkative, and towards the last part of the run i had to excuse myself by saying "i can't talk anymore" and was able to pull ahead a little bit. those final pushes just kill me!

Black Knight said...

There are better and worse times. We don't know the reasons but often,suddendly after a tiring session, we feel strong and run easily. I am sure that the next time you will be talkative a lot in the same situation.