Sunday, April 23, 2006

Negotiating with Myself

i negotiated with myself the whole time.
first i wanted to go long, not sure how long, okay 90 minutes long.
hmm how far will i get?
well, let's see euclid, yeah euclid and back home should be about right.

i walked from my house to the corner of cedar and stannage and slowly worked my way up cedar crossed shattuck and there she was: big ass hill #1. this hill in my guesstamation is comprable to the 11.5% grade i'll need to contend with at bay to breakers.

up,up,up, and hey i feel good!
in the back of mind i'm thinking i bet i can make it to strawberry canyon.
yeah, strawberry, i'll get to the parking lot and double back.
i get to the parking lot and decide to go take the trail to the foot of big bertha.
i get to big bertha and decide i HAVE to take her, how can i NOT take her.

so again, up,up,up .......and i still feel good, and decide i can keep going until i hit my 1 hour mark.
up to this point or rather the parking lot i've been runing on the road, getting to strawberry on the dirt trail was heaven and i had to force myself to turn around so as to have juice to get home.
reluctantly i turn around and go back down to the parking lot.
the CAL women's softball team are playing today and the parking lot near the pool was full of tailgaiters and bbq. i picked up my pace as to not get distracted by all the good smells, i was starting to get hungry. back on the roads, i head up euclid to cedar and decide to turn right on spruce than left on rose which eventually leads me to the BART trail near my neighborhood.

Total run time 2 hours and 1 minute.
with all the hills i'm sure i didn't go far but then TIME was more of an objective, still it would be cool to know for sure, i'll guess 8 plus miles, maybe more.
the conditions were perfect for a long run today cool and overcast.
it even started to mist for a little bit as i was leaving strawberry, the perfect spray bottle mist nature kicks down for an ass kicking workout. ahhh sweeeet!

god i love running:)


Garou said...

Congrats on your long run! It's great that you kept pushing for a longer time, and it sounds like there was some challenging terrain there.

LouBob said...

Woohoo! I can see a half marathon coming your way soon!

Veeg said...

Hey, girl! Congrats on continuing to push your limits. That's awesome.

I'm training for my first sprint tri, as well, and the swim is my big mental hurdle, as well. I think I was where you are (swimming-wise) about three weeks ago -- you're SUPER close to a breakthrough, where you can suddenly swim significantly longer than you could before.

Hang in there!