Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good weather 2 days in a row!!!

The weather has taken a nice turn the last couple of days and I rode to Inspiration Point from my house and it took me only 45 mins. Total ride time:75 mins. I don't have the mileage, but let me tell ya Spruce to Tilden is a pretty good climb and then you work your way up and down the windy road to IP. Saw several other riders on the way up, cyclists are a friendly bunch I have to say, lots of smiles and hi's.

The trip home was pretty fun (flying back down Spruce was a reward in itself!) and I am trying to coast less and drop down to low gears on decents, though I should take it in for a look-see as the shifting is not so smooth and a couple of time the gears jumped around, most likely due to my lack of finesse.

Tonight the triclub is meeting for a spin class (which I'll skip considering my heroic efforts today!!) and then we're having a guy present on open-water swimming. Lastnights swim lesson was the best yet, the instructor got into the pool with us and commented that we all looked good. Then she had us swim w/o flippers and boy howdy what difference!! I no sooner think I'm making progress (side breathing) when yet another weak spot reveals itself!
I'm still not a real swimmer but progress is being made people!!


Mia Goddess said...

I know! This weather is insane. Inspiration Point, that hill is no joke. Most people avoid walking it, let alone on a bike. So you know, you're a badass. :) I'm glad your swim instructor got in with you, and I'm curious about the advice you get on the open-water swim, per what we were talking about the other day. Tommy says hi to M!

christine said...

hi mia!
he said practical things like, know the course, swim your own race. one thing that stood out was some tips on sighting...lining up the buoy with another stationary object on shore, to compensate for any asymetry in your swimming. also several people asked about geting kicked, basically give yourself alot room....i'll be hanging out in the WAY BACK of the pack!!!

Mia Goddess said...

Yeah, that's a lot like what we talked about too. It's just the getting kicked thing. You know, I thought it about it after we had talked, and I think it's really kind of funny...the whole swim, even if it's your worst event, takes about 10 or 15 minutes. Waiting until your clear isn't going to make or break your race, so I think that's a fantastic plan!