Saturday, April 15, 2006

wet and wild

It started to rain just I headed out to my car to meet up with tri-club at Inspiration Point. The bike portion of the brick was cancelled and became a 3 mile run instead. By the time I arrived (5 minutes late) the grp had already taken off. I checked in with the club director, Hae Wan, than headed out alone. It wasn't long before I saw the group heading back.
I waved and kept going.

I had already decided to go longer, my usual 8 mile loop. Today was the first time I ever ran in more than a "mist". I don't want to say it really poured but the rain was coming down steadily and with the winds whipping around it got pretty wild at times.

It was the perfect backdrop for my dark mood. Me fighting the elements, myself, the process. Just the kind of thing this drama queen eats up. It was awesome! Exhilirating actually.

My wimpy windbreaker didn't hold up so well . I was soaked by mile 3 so I just took it off. Plus I was all hot and steamy anyways.
Of course this means I have buy proper rain gear now.
Not a bad investment really, considering it's never going to stop raining around here!
For as windy as it was I wasn't cold at all.

I finished in 85 minutes.

Once again running saves the day.

My newly installed granite counter top helped too:)


Mallie said...

Wasn't Inspiration Point the local "make-out" spot on Happy Days? ;)

LouBob said...

Ahh, when life at home is neat and tidy the rest just falls into place!

Mia Goddess said...

Yay for countertops!

I had a run like that once when I was training for my first 10k; it was raining, and I remember it felt *awesome* because you're all wet on the outside, and all wet under your clothing too, from exertion, and it was just so satisfying. Of course, I was only going 5 miles, so get on. :)

psbowe said...

Nice job on putting up with the conditions on a long run like that.

susie said...

I missed a few days, Chris, with David in town. I'm glad to see you survived the dark side of life. Whew...and you are coming back up. Life is a roller coaster, isn't it? Keep climbing and running and swimming. It all helps. Really. It's a power that you can tuck inside and use when you need it.