Wednesday, May 10, 2006

100th Post

new rule, no blogging until after i run.
i'm in a much better mood after this mornings
after a solid 30 minute lap session that went better than lastnight i did a 60 minute yoga session. headed home grabbed a balance bar and some gatorade and went for a decent ride from home to grizzly peak. last week i went up centinnel, the ride down is alot funner nor did i dump over! total ride time 60 mins. got home stashed the bike and changed into my keyanos and hit the BART trail from home to el cerritto station and back approx 3 miles. 18 mins out 20 mins back. the legs aren't so jellowy and they could've kept going.

man, bay to breakers is one week away!

the bad news is i stepped up on the scale at the gym and it's not in agreeance with the one at home, a 5 lb. descrepancy! so i'm really 148 but still that's 11 pounds less than the last time i checked.

the good news. i got a new car. a 2005 honda element. it's so cute! will post picture asap.
(i know mia, i can't even freakin believe it!) T totally surprised me.


susie said...

Yay for the new car, yay for the 11 pounds, yay for the great swim. Yay for you--and your strong legs. Killer ass workouts are what it's all about!

Mia Goddess said...

Wow, a great workout would have sufficed, but the Element?!? Amazing. That's quite a surprise :) Let's go for a ride!

jeff said...

those elements are awesome. easy access for stowing lots of big, bulky gear and easy to clean out when you've stashed all your sweaty, muddy gear inside during the ride home. that's exciting! enjoy!

and 11lbs? wow. all the bricks and intensity are paying off. super groovy news.

Siren said...

I love that rule! Maybe I'd get more done if I had a "no blogging before..." rule. (OK, I DO have that rule... now if I'd just follow it...)

I dig the Element - good for you! I actually cried when we bought the minivan 'cause they're so not me. I came to accept it after camping and travelling with my dogs and to tris were such a breeze with my big honkin' cargo space. : )