Wednesday, May 10, 2006

this is hard

the group is going to swim in lake anza(even colder than shadow cliff) this weekend, luckily for me i have other plans. getting out to shadow cliff with mia last week, was fun, but i didn't really work hard on swimming just got used to being in the green smelly lake. i also rode a flat 12 miles.
lastnights stroke mechanics class focused on TI drills, which i was familiar with, but i was in bad form and was the slowest. i'm having what seems to be performance anxiety issues in the water, kinda like i did when i first started entering running races, the minute i get in the water and have to "perform" i get all tense and can't wait for it to be over. this is so disappointing because i really thought i'd be further along than this by now. of course, i prefer to train alone especially when it comes to swimming ( me and a friend or instructor is fine) i have a real problem with being last all the time.
no, it's not even being last so much as being the poorest swimmer. and it's really annoying when people who can clearly swim well say that they can't. false modesty is not going to help me. i know i know i know i'm being a total grump!
right this very minute i hate swimming.
there i said it.

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psbowe said...

Don't give's all come together. I understand the frustration, I've been there in college, then one day it just sort of clicked.