Sunday, May 07, 2006

One brick at a time

yesterday was suppose to be the groups first solid brick, an 8 mile ride and a 3 mile run. the park was riddled with detour signs and instead of taking note of the route, i just followed the pack. we ended up shortening the route, not sure by how much, but it was compensated by more hills, so all in all it was a pretty solid ride.

the transition from bike to run is getting easier. my legs are a bit confused the first mile, neurons firing to move forward are met with resistance but gradually the message gets through and they get the idea. the shuffle turns into a steady pitter patter and then i'm actually running.

the group workouts are becoming more enjoyable to me.
there are a couple of women that always spur me on to push myself harder. their faster in all disciplines, i usually lose sight of them on the bike course and yesterday they had a fair lead on the run by the time i pulled into T1. the run is the my great equalizer though and i manage to shorten the gap, granted i'm a few yards behind and running just outside of my comfort zone while there looking relaxed and yaking the WHOLE WAY!

talking with a few of the group members afterwards, i was surprised to learn that i wasn't the only one who struggled on last weeks open water swim. people who can actually swim said there were really affected by the cold, some people did the backstroke the whole way. there is another women who couldn't make it lastweek and she's really worried cuz like me she's a weak swimmer and signed up for this event to force herself to take swimming lessons!!

i don't know if i mentioned this before, but last year my daughters swim instructor moved to oklahoma. she became a family friend and spent alot of time with M in and out of the pool. she was like a big sister. M calls her one day last week and she tells us she's coming back to CA. M mentioned my tri aspirations and she's totally stoked about giving me lessons.

the foundation has been laid and with one brick at a time this house is gonna be built.

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susie said...

Yes--that should be a motto for all tough things, don't you think? I sure used the one foot at a time mantra on Sunday!! Thanks for your congrats:)