Saturday, May 20, 2006

Turning the Corner

The extra time in the pool has finally begun to pay off. I'm sore from using new muscles, in my forearms and shoulders, which I take as a good sign that I'm beginning to develope a stroke and not just thrashing about.

I'm embarassed by how frustrated I was with swimming just a week ago. Cali was uncomfortabe in the lake too, and it finally occurred to me that what I'm attempting to do is kinda hard. I mean I always assume things are HARDER for me, that it comes easier to most. I had no faith that I would ever "turn the corner." Friends like she and Mia have been instrumental in boosting my confidence and pointing out my strengths.

The breathing really only kicked in this past week. I'm more relaxed and breathing mostly on my right side, but I did practice breathing on my left side with some improvement today. Now that I'm comfortable with the breathing I'm starting to be able to fine tune other things.

Todays practice at Shadow Cliff went pretty good. I alternated between freestyle, back stroke and breast stroke 100 yards x3 gradually incrementally increasing the freestyle. The water is getting warmer. I was much more relaxed in the lake, though bottom line, I don't enjoy swimming in this particular lake, what can i say?, I prefer a clean predictable environment.
While there isn't the fear of sharks or jellies, duck poop is pretty scary too!

I swam for 45 minutes and while M and Cali continued to swim, I rode the bike 10 miles in 35 minutes. Afterwards we ate lunch and took Cali home. The drive home was a little long and at the last minute we decided to swim again at Strawberry. M and Tom are at the movies and I'm wondering where my cool slippery black shorts are for tomorrows race.


susie said...

Of course it's hard! And that's why it's so cool when you move past it:) Good luck TODAY!!

Makita said...

Congrats on 'Turning the Corner' and Good Luck on your race. :)

psbowe said...

But you still get yourself out there and I admire you for that, great going.
Hope your race went well.